Energetic Allergy Healing

How to Become an Allergy Healing Practitioner

Millions of people live a life limited by social beliefs, allergies, addictions, cravings, and diseases that plague their lives. Conventional treatment options are only effective in resolving the symptoms of these conditions but do not address the underlying problem. Luckily, Energy healing therapies offered by an accredited allergy healing practitioner have been proven to be effective in treating all these conditions and preventing them from recurring.

Energy Allergy Healing Certification Course

The Energy Allergy Healing Certification Course by Kimberlie is a holistic 12-week program that will teach you how to use energy therapy(see energy healer) to free yourself from the bondage of allergies, addictions, and health conditions such as muscle pains and inflammation.

One of the goals of this course is to let you know that you are a deeply spiritual being created with a purpose by God. You are meant to heal naturally from limitations keeping you from achieving your goals and living life to the fullest.

The course is not just meant for people who are struggling with allergies or other issues; healers who feel they are not utilizing their full potential are also encouraged to enroll in this course to unlock their hidden gifts and capabilities. Concisely, Kimberlie will teach you how to expand and fully utilize your healing skills and gifts.

Energy therapy treatments are meant to help you connect with your spirituality at a deeper level to experience miraculous transformations that you previously thought were unattainable. Here is a brief overview of the different classes that Kimberlie uses to teach the course. It is imperative to attend all the classes to become a fully certified allergy healing practitioner.

Class 1

The first class in this course aims to introduce you to energy therapy methodologies of treating allergies. Here, you will get a chance to interact with Kimberlie to understand her journey and goals of the course. You will also get plenty of materials that will help you to start absorbing, accepting, and integrating your role as an energy healer.

The lessons will empower you with the knowledge and skills that you need to use the therapies with ease, integrity, grace, and power to transform other people’s lives positively. The interactions will also help create a safe space where all participants can express their feelings and thoughts without prejudice and connect with the energic magic and their inner spiritual self deeply.

Class 2

This is dubbed part one of Sacred Light Foundations, and the goal is to establish a strong energy allergy therapy healing foundation despite your healing background or current situation. It covers:

  • The Art and Mastery of Muscle Testing
  • Sacred Trinity
  • Breath of peace

Class 3

This class is part 2 of Sacred Light Foundations and builds upon the topics and skills taught in the last class. . Here, you will receive healing attunements and tools that will help you achieve positive results as an allergy healing practitioner. The three tools you will be endowed with are:

  1. Sacred Light Oath, Vow, and Contract Healing Tool
  2. Sacred Light Entity, Implant, and Portal Healing Tool
  3. The Art and Mastery of Muscle Testing

Class 4

This class is referred to as the Magic of Energetic Allergy Healing. It digs deep into the core elemental concepts and descriptions that you need to master to become an expert in energetic allergy healing therapy.

Class 5

In this class, you will receive the energy therapy and allergy healing kits that you need to work as an independent allergy healing practitioner. Kimberlie will teach you how to use the kits at no extra cost.

Class 6

Here, you will learn how to create Macros and work with clients in a professional, friendly, and interactive way. The concepts taught will empower you with information on how to focus on your energy to heal. You will also learn how to accurately analyze a client's energy in a comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Class 7

This is the final class and entails practicing the energetic allergy healing concepts and skills taught throughout the course. You will be organized into groups to practice the skills you’ve learned and help each other reinforce them before graduating as an allergy healing practitioner via Zoom. At this stage, you can hold a live healing session on your own.

Live Q and A sessions and recordings will be provided in each class to help you master the therapy fully. Enroll for Kimberlie’s Energetic Allergy Healing Certification Course today. Your life will never be the same again.

What is Energy Therapy

This is an alternative treatment option that entails the use of energy fields to heal issues such as allergies and addictions. Allergy healing practitioners rely on magnets, sound, and light to administer treatment; as well as some of the common types of energy therapies like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Qigong. These therapies manipulate the energy fields of the human body to initiate the deep healing process.


Benefits of Energy Therapies

There are numerous benefits of energy therapies, such as:

  • Does not involve the use of medicines that often result in serious side effects
  • Provides long-lasting results
  • Affordable compared to normal treatment options
  • The skills acquired can be used repeatedly and even taught to other people

Why Choose to Be a Healing Practitioner

Better Health

As an allergy healing practitioner, you will learn therapies that will promote your health and wellbeing. Apart from learning how to apply the various methodologies, you will also learn more about healthy living.

Deep Connection with Inner Self

One of the pillars of energy allergy healing therapy is creating a deep connection with inner self/spirit. In the process, you will become more aware of your purpose in life. You will get rid of hindrances that have been preventing you from realizing your full potential.

Help Others Become Better

Every day you will be doing what you love, helping people combat limitations and beliefs. The treatment will help them become better versions of themselves, improve their self-esteem, confidence, and focus.

Final Thoughts

The Energy Allergy Healing Certification course will enable you to become the best allergy healing practitioner. All the materials and skills taught have been proven to be effective in helping to treat a wide array of allergies and conditions.

Join Kimberlie’s All in One Healing community to learn more about energy therapies and how you can leverage them to achieve more and live a fulfilling and happy life.

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