Causes of Inflammation and How an Inflammation Healer Can Help

According to the World Health Organization, chronic inflammation diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. A 2014 study conducted by Rand Corporation found that approximately 60% of Americans were struggling with at least one chronic disease, and 42% of the people polled had more than one condition. Conventional treatment options are useful, but if you are looking for a more holistic treatment that will prevent the problem from recurring, consider seeking help from an inflammation healer. Inflammation healers use energy therapies that connect with your inner spirit and your body’s energy flow to initiate deep healing of the affected area. . The same concept is used by an allergy healer to free people from food, substance, and other forms of allergies which also cause inflammation. Thousands of people have switched to this alternative treatment for inflammation after it was proven effective. Scientists who previously advocated for conventional medications are also starting to look at energy healer and energy healing therapies for inflammation following massive traction that success stories garner both online and offline.

What Causes Inflammation

Inflammation occurs as a result of the body's natural process of protecting you from viral and bacterial infections and other pathogens that can cause disease. In order to protect you, the body’s white blood cells spring into action to fight off the disease-causing organisms, thereby resulting in inflammation. This, however, is not the case in some inflammatory diseases. For example, in arthritis the immune system is activated and causes inflammation when, in reality, there are no pathogens/invaders to fight off. It acts as if the tissues are infected by bacteria and, in the process, cause damage.

Types of Inflammation

Like most diseases or conditions, inflammations are either long-lived (chronic) or short-lived (acute). With acute inflammation, the signs and symptoms typically disappear after several hours or a day, but chronic inflammation can last for extended periods of time, even months or years. Concisely, inflammation is a sign that the immune system is behaving abnormally, and as a result, the body needs to have more energy to support the increased activity. If the metabolic rate is high due to fever or any other similar condition, more antibodies and white blood cells will be produced to combat the pathogens.

Common Signs of Inflammation

The first thing to note is that the signs of inflammation are dependent on the type of inflammation the body is experiencing. The five most common inflammation markers/signs are:
  • Swelling of tissues
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Affected organs fail to function; for instance, an inflamed joint cannot move freely like the healthy joints
Some of the diseases associated with chronic inflammations are:
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Diabetes
Join Kimberlie Carlson’s Free Masterclass today to learn more about how energy therapies treat inflammations. At the end of the class, you will be able to apply the skills you learned to help yourself heal inflammation in your own body or to teach other people how to live a better life by working as a professional inflammation healer.

Steps to Healing Inflammation Using Energy Therapy

An inflammation healer can help you recover from all types of inflammation without resorting to drugs. Like the allergy healer, this professional practice's primary goal is to connect you with your inner spirit and the inherent, lifelong energy flowing through your body. By using his spiritual level of consciousness, the healer connects with your inner spirit and transmits healing forces into your body. This transmission of healing powers gives the body the ability to destroy the energy blocks that caused the inflammation in the first place. Elimination of bad energy blocks helps the mind, body, and spirit work to improve personal wellness. The inflammation healer will schedule several sessions with you to ensure that your condition is treated completely. One of the benefits of this form of treatment is that it does not involve any medications or painful surgical procedures Your inflammation healer will work closely with you to ensure that your health is revamped, and you go back to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

Allergy Healers: Eliminate Allergies in Your Body

There are hundreds of allergies, from the typical cold and fever to life-threatening allergies. All of them affect your health and lifestyle negatively in one way or another.

What is an Allergy, and how can an Allergy Healer Help?

An allergy is the body's inappropriate or incorrect response to a stimulus. The stimulus can be environmental factors such as high humidity, medications, foods, spices, and even clothing materials. The brain perceives the stimulus as a threat and initiates an extreme immune system reaction which results in an allergic reaction. The allergy healer can free you from any allergy by correcting the energy imbalances or blockages that cause the problem. By connecting with your inner self and natural energy fields, the healer will burst through the energy blocks and correct the mental beliefs and misconceptions of the stimulus identified by your brain as a threat. The deep connection with your inner self will help reset the brain, thereby allowing you to live an allergy-free life. Unlike medications, energy therapies for allergies focus on not only treating the symptoms but the underlying causes. It is an in-depth healing process that cannot be achieved through conventional medicines. Join the Kimberlie Carlson Program to learn about energy therapy and how to get rid of allergies forever.

Final Thoughts

Energy therapies provide long-lasting results to inflammation compared to the conventional modes of treatment. The inflammation healer is empathetic about your conditions and will use his/her skills and expertise to draw out the toxins that cause inflammation, and by destroying harmful energy blockages. You will also learn how to connect with your inner spirit and take full control of your mind, body, and soul. Interested in learning more about energy therapy? Join Energetic Allergy Healing Certification Course today. Kimberlie Carlson will guide you every step of the way and provide all the resources you need to become a certified energy healer.

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