Energetic Allergy Healing

Miracle Healing: The Energetic Allergy Healing Program

Experience radiant health and vitality, incredible energy & a deep sense of wellbeing when you forever release the allergies, cravings, and addictions that steal your freedom!

This expansive, soul-nourishing freedom feels like a fantasy to you right now. A dream that’s always going to be out of your reach…

Because right now your reality couldn’t be further from this.

You struggle with so much…
Endless bone-deep fatigue…
Unreliable, disappointing health.
And of course…
These are allergies that have imprisoned you. Held you hostage.
Tied you to a life of difficult choices and tight boundaries.
You’re so tired of it all. And you’re so ready for a change.
You want a permanent shift. A transformation.
You want vibrant energy, radiant health…
A deep sense of wellbeing.
You want to release those allergies, sensitivities and all the conditions that come with it…


You want them all gone. Forever

You’ve tried everything in your power…
Prescription drugs, medications, natural remedies, diets …
But you’ve experienced only temporary relief at best.
And you’re afraid…
Afraid that you’ll never find the solution, the answer, that freedom that you seek…
The freedom that is your birthright.

But I am here to tell you that you can…

You can achieve amazing health and youthful energy for the rest of your life…

I'm Kimberlie Carlson, Founder and Creator of Energetic Allergy Healing, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Mentor. 

My passion - my life’s work - is about supporting and guiding people to shift out of pain and illness and into beautiful health and wellbeing so they can finally live their dreams. 

With over 20 years of healing experience, the last 5 years with my modality which heals allergies, inflammation, disease and pain in the body, I have had the honor of witnessing the miraculous healing of countless people! Best Job EVER! 🙂


A little bit more about me…

I spent my entire childhood and half my adult life in pain and deep discomfort.

 I was immersed in hopelessness…
Through the years, I’ve struggled with chronic ear infections, sinus infections, yeast infections and bladder infections that reached my kidneys, not once but 3 times.
I’ve battled with chronic fatigue, hay fever, brain fog, food allergies, skin problems and digestive problems.

During my high school years, I was hit with such a severe case of Epstein Barr Virus or “mono” that I failed my classes because I couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings. I needed a tutor to just to get through the 9th grade.

During my high school years, I was hit with such a severe case of Epstein Barr Virus or “mono” that I failed my classes because I couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings. I needed a tutor to just to get through the 9th grade.

But when I speak or think of those years now, it feels like a bad dream…
All of my health issues are in the past and they haven’t emerged for years now. I can’t even remember the last time I struggled with any of it.
My reality today would be unimaginably painful if not for one powerful thing…
After years of trial and error, working on myself…
After hundreds and hundreds of hours of study…
I FINALLY discovered a healing modality that worked to free me from the pain and the utter desperation that I felt when I was in the grip of so many conditions and health issues for years and years…
It is the only healing modality that has worked. The only method that has brought lasting healing and health.
I first began to use this technique on just myself but I eventually began working with family and friends…
And then clients.
The results have been nothing short of amazing…even miraculous!
My modality freed people from the pain, heartache and deprivation that arises from living with poor health and struggling with cravings and addictions…
It’s the modality that gave me my life back…
It has given so many the freedom they were looking for…
I’m now a healthy, happy mom and entrepreneur. I feel so blessed to be able to say that I truly love my life.

Welcome to Miracle Healing: The Energetic Allergy Healing Program

This is the only comprehensive, life-altering healing experience that creates lasting health on the cellular and energetic levels while transforming your negative beliefs and emotions…

This program also includes my in depth knowledge and experience on crucial aspects of health such as nutrition, homeopathy and vitamins/supplements.
You will experience deep healing each week throughout the program, releasing stored trauma, limiting beliefs and emotions that do not serve you plus hundreds and hundreds of allergies as well as the symptoms and related health conditions!
You will release your conscious and unconscious allergies — the allergies that you have a physical reaction to but remain unknown to you.
Some of the allergies that you release  center around vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins!
This may surprise or shock you but almost everyone is allergic to the very nutrients and elements that your body needs to function flawlessly and at optimum health.

Other allergen groups that we will be covering in this comprehensive program include…

During this program you will also experience healing that covers:

This program allows your to body maximize the absorption of nutrients and as we all have a complete set of new cells every 12 weeks, you are going to notice a major shift in your energy and in your overall health as the months go by.
This means you can look forward to continued improvement in your health and energy levels over the next 3 to 6 months after the program.

We will also be doing a lot of the belief and emotion work each week together and here’s why…

Emotions and beliefs are the root cause behind allergies, allergic symptoms and just about every allergy related health condition such as asthma, thyroid problems, hypertension and so many more.

This is where learning and using the Heartbreath Sacred Light Meditation that I guide you through each week partners with the allergy healing work in this program to create radical, positive transformation on a deep level.

When you experience this powerful breathing meditation  at the start and during the weekly sessions, you will begin to optimize the internal healing environment of your body. This balances and creates lasting inner wellness along with deep feelings of joy and compassion.  

This meditation is deeply grounding while connecting you to your Higher Self and to Divine Universal Intellegence through your heart. 

When we make these connections through the heart we bring through powerful, palpable, positive emotions that encourage extensive, healing such as feelings of safety, trust, courage, deep compassion and care for yourself and for everyone in the group and it generates restorative energy frequencies for greater healing shifts to occur at every level.
This ancient heart breathing technique and meditaiton is a priceless addition to this program because they allow self-regulation and self-growth that reaches beyond allergy healing.  
If you are struggling with a very weak immune system or if you are especially “allergy challenged” learning this simple heartbreath technique will assist you to rise to higher states of emotions and consciousness where disease cannot exist. 
This allows you to achieve an incredibly enhanced state of health and well-being through high vibrational emotional states. 
“Give yourself the gift of working with Kimberlie and unleash the greatness within yourself.”

Working with Kimberlie has been an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. She listened, understood and foremost held a very safe space for me to heal Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Kimberlie was so effective and efficient in unlocking the chains that have held me captive to this illness and my negative reactive emotions to them. I will be forever grateful to Kimberlie. I encourage all to give yourself the gift of working with Kimberlie and unleash the greatness within yourself.

Bernie Bowman

“I am so thankful for this work that I became a practitioner of it!!!! I highly recommend her energetic allergy healing group program!!!!”

Just want to thank Kimberlie for her work! I had worked so hard to heal my
food allergies and autoimmune digestive disorder with so many healers and
healing techniques that I learned. It wasn’t until her energetic allergy
healing program with the allergy healing and deep belief work that I can
finally eat dairy, cheese, wheat, gluten, grains and stay healthy!! I had
to retrain my brain to be in balance and harmony with these items and many
more!! I am so thankful for this work that I became a practitioner of
it!!!! I highly recommend her energetic allergy healing group program!!!!
Thank you to Kimberlie Carlson
and energetic allergy healing that shifted my life and health
tremendously!! So blessed to have you as a teacher!

Kristi Olander

Here’s the transformational magic that you can look forward to when you participate in Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing...

Sessions 1 through 5

Powering Up Your Immune System With The Fundamentals

The brain recognizes an allergy as anything that causes immune reaction and inflammation in the body and this is the reaction that over-stresses and drains you of your life force energy. This means just one thing… A strong immune system is the solution. A strong immune systems protects you and drastically reduces allergies. This is why we’ll spend a substantial amount of time on what I like to call the “Fundamentals” because it’s SO important. During these first weeks, we will focus on strengthening and powering up your immune system.

We will do this by clearing allergies to vitamins, minerals, proteins, salts, sugars, yeasts, molds, fungus, parasites, and MANY parts of the body.

You will begin to absorb and utilize vital nutrients to nourish your cells, glands, organs, and tissues..to literally begin building a new higher functioning immune system!

You’ll release emotions and beliefs that are keeping you trapped in poor health. We will also experience transformational Feeling Downloads and Activations together so you’re ready to receive the full power of the healings throughout the course of this program.


We'll be diving into clearing out programming and trauma around not feeling safe in your body, not feeling safe on this planet, not feeling or being safe to shine your light, and so much more with specific belief work and focused healing activations.


You will also learn and practice a powerful techinique to create a powerful healing environment in your cells, your DNA....in YOUR body! I call this the Heartbreath Sacred Light Meditation. This will ground and connect you with the earth which is vital for your health. It will also connect you to Source, and get you into your heart allowing you to run more Chi through all parts of you so that you can activate your own healing abilities, heal on deeper levels, and experience more energy, and new levels of well being.


Session 6

Miracle Healing - Food & Nutrition

Imagine fearlessly enjoying a delicious scoop of butter pecan ice-cream on a hot summer’s day because you no longer experience adverse reactions to dairy? 

We are going deep into allergy healing as well as additional belief work and trauma clearing around foods, eating, nourishment, and self love.

This is the week you’ll begin saying goodbye to the days of strict diet rules and saying no to foods you love. You’ll experience healing around an incredibly extensive range of foods. This includes everything from seafood and fats, nuts, seeds, legumes, dairy, grains, spices, nightshade vegetables to beverages like chocolate, coffee, and alcohol. We will also cover all food chemicals, dyes, and preservatives.

Session 7

Miracle Healing - Chemicals, Toxic Substances & Agents

No more incessant sneezing. No more floundering blindly through a room as your nose and eyes drain uncontrollably because of a little dust! 

This week, you’ll experience healing and allergy releases around all types of radiation, plastics, dust, pollution, smoke, industrial toxins, insecticides, fungicides, food and water chemicals and additives, detergents, cosmetics,  adhesives and more with allergy healing partnered with specific belief and trauma clearing work to release stored toxins from your body. 

Session 8

Miracle Healing - Environmental Factors & Agents

If you feel discomfort when you are in certain locations — maybe even your own home — you could be allergic to hidden substances in the floor, the carpet or the walls. 

This will become a problem of the past when you heal and release allergies around environmental agents and chemicals in the home like insulation, drywall, carpet, heating and cooling systems, your mattress, bedding, fabrics and materials, fragrances and perfumes, and more.


We will also address pollens, trees, weeds, flowers, grasses in this week, so say goodbye to those antihistamines, no more hiding indoors when nature is in bloom! 

Session 9

Miracle Healing - Prescription Medication & Drugs

Are you experiencing physical reactions such as inflammation to medications that you need, to control certain conditions? 

During week 9, we will clear any and all allergies related to medications and drugs, immunizations, anesthesia, antibiotics, including narcotic/recreational drugs. 


Also included in this week are some of the most common insects, pets, and other animals.
Mosquitos don't pay any attention to me anymore, and If you’ve always wanted a dog or a cat but felt you couldn’t have one because of allergies, you will start the work that will finally set you free to enjoy the companionship of a furry friend.

Sessions 10,11, and 12

Miracle Healing - Viruses and bacteria, Blocked Emotions & Negative Beliefs

These last few weeks are dedicated to clearing all allergies related to viruses and bacteria. You may know these are living organisms but did you know that they carry belief systems and negative emotional energy just like us? 

Health issues arise when we share the same beliefs and emotional patterns that they do. During this final week, we will do healing plus belief and emotion work, to release your energetic connections that contribute to repeated illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria. 


Bacterias and Viruses can be involved with many of the inflammation and pain patterns we experience. We can hold many of these pathogens in our bodies and we begin collecting these from the time we are born. Clearing them as allergies can release us from recurring infection patterns as well as resolve pain and dysfunction in our bodies.

Live Q&A, Meditations and Allergy Clearings

Group Support with Kimberlie Carlson

You don't have to worry about going at it alone. Through our exclusive community I'll be answering your questions, host bonus meditations and perform clearings to support you through your process of living allergy free.

Throughout the program -- and after -- you'll be able to post your questions to get clarity on what you may be experiencing and guidance on how to move through it with greater ease. I'll go through the questions and address them in a group format for the benefit of all.

Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing includes deep, transformative releases and healing sessions. Here’s how the program will unfold...

12 Weekly recorded sessions (Value Over $1,500)

Each week you will receive a recorded video session where I will guide you through powerful meditations, deep healings and teachings that will  awaken new insights and awarenesses that will bring you into a deeper, more loving relationship with a very important, unique and special person....YOU!

  You will experience the incredible shifts, insights and radical transformations that can happen when you are part of an aligned and high vibrational group setting, which you will have in our Allergy Healing facebook community.

Don’t worry, you will receive the full healing benefits through the video and audio recordings. 

Bonuses and Extras you receive to support and deepen your healing:

   Private Online Sanctuary (Priceless!) 

This is a safe, private Facebook group where you have access to me while you are moving through your healing process. You can ask me questions that come up for you during the program. This is also a beautiful, supportive, and loving space to connect and share your experiences with kindred spirits who are experiencing the same magical shifts and releases that you are!

Deep Discounts Follow Up 1:1 Sessions (Value $247 Each)

As a participant of the Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing program, you can book up to 3 transformational 1:1 sessions with me at just $197 each! 

1:1 work with me is an incredibly powerful way to deepen and anchor your healing experiences during and after the program.
During each 60-minute, we will work together to identify your unique allergies, sensitivities and health challenges that are causing or contributing to diseases, disorders, physical pain, or discomfort that you would like to be free of. 
If you would like to book these sessions, just reach out to me in the private Facebook Group or via email and I’ll get you set up and ready to go!

 Transformational Feelings Download Audio Recordings

We will be experiencing 200 + Feelings Downloads together at the start of the program but you will also receive recordings that you can listen to at any time. Feeling Downloads are powerful guided phrases that will help you release negative beliefs and emotions such as guilt and shame so you can heal faster and more effectively.

    Lifetime Access To Powerful Recordings For Ongoing Healing & Releases 

You will receive the recordings of every one of the 12 incredible allergy healing calls in this program. This means you have lifetime access and you can listen to the recordings  again and again to deepen your healing whenever you feel you need a quick boost to increase your energy or strengthen your immune system.

  50 Powerful  EAH Activations

What are EAH Activations? They are healing energies that I have CoCreated through Divine Guidance with specific healing focus  to, activate DNA, dissolve hundreds of negative programs, trauma, and other limiting energies that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns. They bring in new high frequency energies, light codes, sacred geometries that heal, spiritually evolve, and bring in new positive programming, creating powerful shifts in your body and in your life.

Here are just a few of those so you can get a feel for what the healing they bring:

Grounding into the Gaia Grid 

Activate instant grounding into 5th Dimensional Gaia! This activation came in for my son to run it for him along with Sleep Safe and Sound activation when I tuck him into bed. To get him really grounded for deep healing sleep. What I see when this energy comes in is light shoot directly from the heart down through the chakras, through the feet and into the EarthStar Chakra and as it did this the Earth star looked like a big tree root ball platinum in color and light shot out like a huge tree root system, shot down into Gaia and spread deep into her heart Chakra, but also spread out through her grid system, platinum roots connecting in and wrapping and weaving all throughout her grand grid. This Activation also clears fear and trauma of being human, of being in our body, and being on this planet each time you run it!! Also sending through an allergy healing here for Gaia, the 5th Dimension, the 3rd Dimension, Earth, the Earth element, mineral, and metals kit, grounding, being in your body, pain bodies present, past and future, earth star chakra, root chakra, sacral chakra, navel chakra, solar plexus chakra, and heart chakra, high heart chakra

Connecting to Source

Activate instant connection to The Divine, Creator, Universal Consciousness! Similar to Grounding to Gaia, I see a ball of light at the heart and it shoots up through the higher chakras, through the heart of your I AM/Higher Self and shoots up through the Great Cosmic Sun and into the piercing white light of The Divine right into the Crystal God Core, which I always see as white light which contains all the colors! Like a crystal prism when the sunlight hits it and it displays beautiful rainbows on the walls. You may notice that you have angelic helpers connecting you into the abundant light of creation, I see AA Metatron and Uriel often here guiding me into the heart/core here and flipping a switch that instantly floods and saturates me with me this light. Also dissolves fears, fear of God, programming to fear God, trauma of abuse and suffering for God, in the name of God, Religion, or other spiritual tradition, dissolving anywhere we are too lowly, imperfect, or unworthy of connecting to God, dissolving anger at God, blame and resentment towards God, guilt and shame from self judgement of being unworthy of Gods love and care. Dissolving our God wound. Allergy healing included here for all parts and aspects of God, The Divine, Source, Creator, Universal Consciousness, God the Father, Your Self, all parts and aspects of you including your Divine Aspect, your I AM Presence, your Higher Self, love, Connection, Connecting, unworthiness, blame, shame, guilt, fear, anger, rage, resentment, God wound.

Receiving- (assist in receiving healing work)

The left side, which is our feminine side, that divine feminine, is our receiver...when we have issues receiving we may notice experience physical symptoms in the left side of our bodies. When we have trouble receiving we end up out of balance in our feminine and masculine.

Activating your receptors, or your receiving points in your cells, in your energy bodies. Pulling negative programming around and with receiving...bringing in worthiness of receiving 

AA Michael Blue Cloak of Protection and Sword of Truth Attunement

Ask Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection around you and surround you in royal blue light of the blue ray of Creation. His sword of truth brings in Wisdom from the Golden Era of Atlantis activating your Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra with Strength, courage, and a new understanding of your own power and the ability to speak your truth with this in understanding and wisdom.

Archangel Azriel - The Golden White Cocoon Attunement

Calling in Archangel Azriel and his twin flame Zarah to activate the golden white cocoon of angelic safety to wrap around you and hold you in what feels like a womb, providing a safe and protected container for you to release your grief…

Unlocking the grief we’ve been protecting with anger, regret, resentment, shame and guilt, they lovingly lift and release those emotions to unlock the grief buried underneath for deep healing. Resolving the stories that grief is who we are, that grief is the story of life, that it is your story, they bring in the love, compassion, and forgiveness needed to heal the grief you have been holding. They gently stir these energies/emotions so that they can release as you are held in Azrael's golden cocoon. 

Inner child allergy release

Clears trauma at specific ages, Creator identifies all ages where trauma is trapped/stuck and pulls the trauma, pulls programming from those trauma experiences, and heals allergies to yourself at those ages. Clears one at a time, so listen once a week and repeat several times over several weeks or as often as you feel guided. Brings in integration of the inner child to create wholeness.

Sexual abuse trauma Release

Cleaning up trauma and suffering from sexual abuse from all levels, DNA, collective, releasing you from oaths vows and contracts to learn from sexual abuse, collapsing the timelines where this has occurred, pulling the shame/internal and public attached to these.

Forgiveness,”Forgiving the unforgivable”

Bringing in new understandings and compassion to give you the ability to forgive those that have harmed you, across all lifetimes, including yourself. Forgiveness releases us from negative bonds with others that are created from the trauma and pain we’ve experienced from and with others which helps us stay out of victimhood. Unforgiveness and Victimhood cause disfunction in our bodies and our lives. Releasing and dissolving unforgiveness, grudges, anger, hurt, devastation, guilt, shame, and bitterness, bringing in pure Source lovelight and the frequency of forgiveness to wash through you cleansing these low vibrating emotions from every cell of your body, your chakras and subtle bodies, from all aspects and parts of you.

Relationship Trauma Release

Our relationships are our biggest mirrors and our biggest triggers. This activation cleans up trauma we have experienced in our core relationships. Clearing abuse, loss, abandonment, rejection, etc. across all time, all lifetimes, realities, dimensions with the people we travel lifetimes with, our soul groups. Pulling unhealthy contracts, oaths, vows, and obligations we have made to experience this with our partners, our children, our siblings, our parents. Cutting hooks, cords and attachments also.

Battle and War Trauma

Resolving lifetimes of Battle and War programming, anywhere we have to be on high alert, ready to defend our life or the lives of loved ones at any given moment. Dissolving the trauma from lifetimes of battle and war, trauma from terror, panic, fear, of being in high stress, of witnessing carnage, suffering, mass destruction of human life, and the trauma from dying in battles and wars, from losing loved ones in battle and war. Also resolving trauma of inner battle, inner war between thoughts and feelings, brain and heart, emotional and mental bodies, or from constant inner turmoil and conflict. Including allergy healing for Adrenals, and all glands and their hormones, stress, overwhelm, stomach, intestines, kidneys, trauma, chaos, terror, panic, fear

Death Trauma  

Resolving and dissolving trauma from pain and suffering experienced during the death process, dissolving shock, panic, terror, grief, anger, rage from all cells, organs, glands, nervous system, heart, brain, chakras, and subtle bodies from all lifetimes, timelines and dimensions for our own death experiences, and also for losing a loved one in death, or the trauma from witnessing a death.

Accident/Injury Trauma

Resolving all trauma, shock, panic, chaos and drama from accidents and injuries we experience from falls, collisions, wrecks, drowning, or any accident that caused injury, pain, and suffering in our body and life dissolving shock, panic, terror, grief, anger, rage from all cells, organs, glands, nervous system, heart, brain, chakras, and subtle bodies from all lifetimes, timelines and dimensions.

Neglect Trauma Release

Dissolving Trauma from neglect, or from the absence of being recognition, from being seen, heard, nurtured, loved and cared for. Dissolving trauma and programing of unworthiness, of feeling unimportant, or like you don’t even exist, or from being a latch key kid, having to grow up before it was time. 

Disconnect from Trauma and Chaos, Step into Joy

We don’t have to have these as part of our experience anymore, this is 3d reality. The reality of 5d is joy. We can be in 5d and still walk in the world of 3d to serve, to assist others with their awakening process. Like Jesus, he was in this world but not of this world, with the portals and gateways that have been opening up recently, this is now possible. Calls in and activates Christ Consciousness frequencies/codes. This activation disconnects us further from 3d reality and the need to learn and evolve from chaos and trauma and strengthens/creates energetic structures, upgrading our systems to shift us more into the 5d, which is joy, and sustain it for longer periods of time. 

(Contains Energetic Allergy Healing for Trauma, Chaos, joy, 5th Dimension, Christ Consciousness, the heart, heart Chakra, High heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, compassion, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine).

Reclaiming my Heart

Calling back your heart, all parts of your heart, anywhere you have given it to someone or something that no longer serves you, or you allowed someone to take it and never retrieved it. Calling back all keys you have ever given to another or have allowed to be taken and held by another. Calling back all tethers or cords that you need back to be perfect, whole and complete and the total owner of your own heart and your heart is yours to command. Going back in time and coming out of Resonance with your Mothers Heart patterning, bringing your heart into resonance with your own Soul. Calling in the perfect guides and angels to heal any distorted, disrupted, or discordant energies or heart patterning. 

Heart-Brain Activation

This activates the 40,000 neurons in the heart that “think” independently of the brain.  Rather than thoughts, they think in positive emotional states such as complete knowing (highest levels of intuition), self confidence, positive self image, compassion, gratitude and self and other love.  There is no negative self talk or negative self image. All possibility exists in this space with access to the same level of knowledge as Creator and your higher self.

Communicating with the heart

Clearing communication blocks from the heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye and crown.

Plugs you into the gift, the ability to communicate with more ease, more love, more joy. Great for your relationships and your work, as this will help you communicate your heart which is the seat of your soul to the people you love in your life, but also to your audience, your current and prospective clients.

Seeing to the heart

Clears blocks in the way of and activates your ability to see your own heart with clarity, to see another's heart with clarity, clears blocks to having your own heart seen. (Allergy Healing for truth, clarity, confusion, trust, distrust, hope, love, the heart, fear, vulnerability, compassion, God, Self, people, men, women, your mother, your father, your siblings, your children, your extended family members, clients, overwhelm, acceptance, service, integrity, discernment)

Living in your heart

Brings you into your heart space. Release and healing for grief, sadness, fear, that is stored in the tissues, cells, and magnetic heart field, or heart energy center….so that you can live and love from deep in your heart- living a heart centered life with more ease and joy! (Includes Allergy Healing for the heart, heart tissues, love, acceptance, joy, peace, grief, sorrow, sadness, terror, panic, fear, emotional heart has been built into this activation) 

Warrior Heart

Ignites your passion, connects you to loving fiercely, and being fiercely loved, bringing in the frequencies of courage that are required to fully feel and acknowledge the love you feel for another, and act on it! To pursue your dreams! The passion, courage, and bravery brought in this activation is great for your divine purpose work you are here to do as well! (Includes Allergy healing for avoiding, blame, procrastination, hiding, playing it small, passion, love, courage, bravery, action, heart chakra, solar plexus, root chakra, power, Divine purpose, your abilities, spiritual kit, flow, change, resistance, fear)

 Deep release - guilt, shame, unworthiness

Releasing contracts to be stuck in these patterns and energies..giving you permission to move out of those and move into higher vibrational emotional states...we beat ourselves up with these and that is why this goes really well with the next activation - self punishment- (includes allergy healing for guilt, condemnation, unworthiness and shame)

Self Punishment

Dissolving beliefs that are keeping us trapped in endless punishment of ourselves, which in turn stops the patterns of feeling or being punished by others, or a need in us to punish others. Bringing in forgiveness for all involved. (allergy healing for trapped, stuck, imprisoned, punishment, unforgiveness, criticism, judgement, The Self, God, and people/human race)

Self Sabotage

Clearing out patterns of self sabotage, which really swirl up chaos and drama in our lives! All those records that play and chant “I am not enough, I am not good enough, I’ll never be enough, something is wrong with me, I am a bad person”, it’s time for those to go! Bringing in energies of I AM perfect and complete. 

Breaking the Chains of Karma

Breaking free from Karma and Karmic debt cycles and Patterns. Moving out of 3D - shedding old ways of learning and evolving like Karma - moving into 5D where we actually learn and grow from love, compassion, kindness, joy.

 And many more!

   Weekly Heartbreath practice and Heartbreath Sacred light Meditation 

This is an amazing addition to the Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing Program. Doing the Heartbreath Sacred Light Meditation and learning the ancient practice of breathing of using your breath and your heart at the start of each call brings more CHI, more light into your body so that that you can heal on deeper levels, creating even more amazing change to your own DNA.  This is transformational healing like you’ve never experienced before!

   Sacred Light Technologies to Filter out harmful or Unwanted Energies

 We will Install and Activate a set of 11th Dimensional Spiritual Technologies that I call the Sacred Light Filters. These high frequency light tools filter out and prevent the specific energies we attune it to out of our systems, and field. We will use these to work with specific pathogens as well as environmental agents, and other overwhelming energies that weaken immune health like radiation or even the energy of specific people.

Ready to experience healing from allergies, sensitivities, health conditions, cravings and addictions that will change your life?

Ready to experience a miracle?

Right this instant, as you read these words, it feels like you’re never going to live that life… The life you’ve been dreaming of, the one that you hold close to your heart.

A life where you open your eyes each morning and feel that beautiful rush of vibrant, youthful energy flood through you …

A life where radiant health and vitality are a natural part of who you are and how you experience the world…
It’s a level of health that inspires that rare, precious feeling …
You’ve felt it before, even if it was just for a moment…
It’s that feeling of near invincibility…
The feeling that arises when you know you can do anything you set your mind to…
Because you have the strength and stamina to live from your highest and best self…
This is true freedom.
Expansive, all encompassing freedom.
It’s freedom from physical pain and emotional depletion…
Freedom from the unending exhaustion that you grapple with right now…
Maybe you’re seeking freedom from cravings that fill you with guilt and regret each time you reach for salty, sugary fatty foods…
Maybe you’re seeking freedom from an addiction that binds you to pain and heartbreak and that leaves you feeling broken, empty and so alone…

We begin March 26th 2020!

The total value of The Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing Program is over $4,000.

Yours for just $797


$ 797 One-time payment


$ 420 2 payments billed monthly


$ 305 3 payments billed monthly
Credit Cards       30 Datys Money Back Gurantee       Secure Checkout

Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing is perfect for you if you desire to…

Live a life of endless, expansive freedom. Freedom from pain, from discomfort, from cravings, addictions and a range of related health conditions such as asthma and hay fever...

  Feel deep satisfaction and fulfillment knowing you have the stamina and the strength to achieve your biggest dreams 

  Experience an incredible boost in your energy levels so you can tackle everyday tasks and just about any activity in your life with strength and vigor 

  Feel and have more joy, fulfillment and excitement for your life so you are no longer trapped by a sense of hopelessness 

  Look and feel younger, better and healthier than you have in long time — maybe even your entire life

This program is NOT for you if you are:

  Unwilling to open your heart and mind to the possibility of experiencing a complete healing that lasts for the rest of your life  

  Not ready to make time to attend the group sessions, listen to the recordings of the calls or attend your one-on-one sessions with me
  This work is incredibly powerful and effective. However, you must be patient and allow the healing to work it’s magic over the course of the program and some weeks after it has ended. Your body needs time to transform and align to the new reality of being free from allergies and sensitivities that may have plagued you for decades or maybe even your whole life.

“Now I can eat anything I want. I no longer take allergy medicine, and I feel better than I can ever remember feeling!”

Working with Kim has truly changed my life! Before she helped me I was very allergic to "all things cow," as I used to say. I couldn't eat anything with gluten in it without experiencing inflamed joints and GI problems. I had seasonal allergies that required medication all year round... You get the picture! Now I can eat anything I want. I no longer take allergy medicine, and I feel better than I can ever remember feeling! Thank you Kim!

Karen J. Fox


This is the only allergy healing program of it’s kind in the world…

I don’t know ANYONE else who is doing this.

The best part is that since the allergy healing is performed on an energetic level, it is outside the confines of space and time.
This can be done for anyone, anywhere in the world so you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
There is nothing to avoid, count, restrict or change.
There is nothing special you need to do except follow the program as I have designed it...
And receive the immense, lasting, life-changing healing that will come to you.
The value of this program is well over $3,000 but my desire is to make this available and affordable to as many people as possible…
This is why I’m offering it for a fraction of the full value for a limited time…

Ready to experience complete healing from allergies, sensitivities, health conditions, cravings and addictions that will change your life? Ready to experience a miracle?

The total value of The Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing Program is over $3,000.

But for a limited time it’s yours for just $797


$ 797 One-time payment


$ 420 2 payments billed monthly


$ 305 3 payments billed monthly


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